Avana 10k

Avana 10k

The Avana Passage is a small break in the reef that is located at the entrance to the magnificent Muri Lagoon. 

Its ideally located as a safe exit into the brilliant blue waters of the Pacific. 

Anyone who has paddled in Hawaii, Mauritius or any small rock in the middle of a very deep ocean will know the blue I'm talking about.

It's not something easily described.

The passage is a nice 10k from the harbour and the kicker is it's at the perfect location to line up with the prevailing SE wind that blows virtually every day in this part of the world. 

After a quick setup of the new Fenn XT double, Deb and I headed out following Josh through the narrow channel. 

Instantly we could feel the boat wanting to run but had to resist the temptation for a few minutes before we were clear to turn left into Raratongan downwind bliss!

Josh takes you out about 1k from shore to clear the reef and give you the best line with the prevailing swell and wind. Mark Ando Anderson reckons this is his favourite run on the island and I know why!

It was a sleigh ride from the start. Not having paddled the Fenn XT Double previously I had to learn quickly where to put it on the run. I buried it so deep down one run I almost washed Deb out the back let alone me up front. I think I needed a snorkel at one stage 😃

As we do when playing in this kind of stuff you often forget to stop and small the roses as they say. Thank God for Deb who reminded me to look up at the scenery. 


I felt like we were paddling in a scene off Jurrasic Park. Absolutely spectacular and one of the best ways to see the island is to get off it and look back. 

The mountains, the peaks, the colours were breathtaking. 

One thing I love about paddling at Mollymook is when we see the flying fish. It's a signal that warm waters have returned and hopefully some nice paddling conditions. 

We were buzzed on several occasions by these guys who frequent this ocean year round in the 28degree waters. 

In the blink of an eye it was time to back off and head into Trader Jacks where we sat and watched the sunset with an icy cold beer and Thai Chicken pizza. 

Yeh... paradise alright!

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