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Vega Flex Surf Ski- KaiWa'a Kayaks

Vega Flex Surf Ski- KaiWa'a Kayaks

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In 2017 Kai Bartlett and Mike Giblin got together to discuss a new project, to build something new, but not a canoe. The idea was to take the lessons learned from canoe building and apply to a new vessel, a different sport entirely.

Kai Bartlett is known for his canoe designs and paddling accomplishments, with 5 Kaiwi Solo World Championship titles as well as 9 Molokai World Championship Relay titles, but he also loves the sport of Surfski paddling. The Surfski, a sleek single hull that requires finesse, technique and a powerful cardio system to maintain speed. Moving from the canoe paddle to the wing blade allows a variety in movement and application, all of which bring positive attributes back to OC1 paddling. Together with his top team rider, Pat Dolan, Kai has competed and placed well in Surfski races, such as the Molokai Challenge, Maui Paddling Hui and Kanaka Ikaika race circuits.

As Kai paddled different Surfski models and expanded his skills, something happened, his boat designer brain kicked in.“What about a bit more this, and little less that?” It was a scratch that needed to be itched. Mike Giblin also got bit by the designer bug. And as Kai began the hand shaping process, Mike began exploring the parts and other features unique to Surf ski. Once the research was done, both Mike and Kai agreed that there was something the Outrigger world could offer to Surfski. From the beginning, Mike, Kai, and Brian decided they would do things in the way they know how, but also, they would be open to new ideas and methods.

It made sense to keep this project quiet, as there was a lot to learn. As with all Ozone Built products, we constantly troubleshoot and improve the process, materials and methods. The adjustable foot brace and venturi system would be new to us. As well, Surfski’s are generally thicker and take more abuse then OC1, so we would need to adjust the layup to accommodate handling. The goal was to build a Surfski that would prove itself on the water, be tough and durable, and we would find ways to do things that are progressive and intelligent.

The first part of the year was spent testing and improving the prototype. Next, the team went to the computer to digitise and continued tweaking. Brian got to work on tooling, fabrication, building the mould, and experimenting with parts. The Vega was coming together.

Design Features
Designed to excel in ocean swells and downwind conditions with a little more stability.
Plumb bow, sharp entry, ample rocker, stability where needed.
Optimised hull for acceleration and carry in flat water

Key Features
Lighter, stronger, faster. 100% carbon fibre prepreg, single piece construction.
Triple Carbon! Reinforced centre section; from 1 foot forward of the cockpit to 1 foot behind the cockpit (1/3 of the surf ski), we have added triple carbon for added strength & durability.

*The Standard Performance Vega Flex weighs in at approximately 9.2kg. This is our standard performance model, 100% Carbon.
*Colour options can be customised .. Just give me a call!!
Automatic centre return rudder. A feature introduced with the Ares OC1, the automatic centre return spring system also comes standard with the Vega.
*Comes with the standard cover bag.

LOA: 20'6 (6.2m)
Beam: 18.25" (46.35cm)

Pricing and orders to be confirmed at time of order.

Transportation costs added from QLD to Sydney for delivery

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