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Carbonology Sport

Carbonology OC1 Swift

Carbonology OC1 Swift

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New in 2017 the Carbonology Sport OC1 Swift has been developed in recognition of the lack of economically priced OC1’s on the market.

Suitable for paddlers of all weights without compromising performance in varying ocean conditions including rough water and to satisfy the correct balance between speed and manouverability.

The foam seat is fully adjustable on a black anodised aluminium rail to ensure a secure and easy adjustment. This also ensures the seat stays secure during transport.

The iakos are 30mm black anodised aluminium for added strength and the rear iakos has a 5 height spring loaded adjustment to the rear ama allowing the adjustment of the lateral inclination to suit the weight and ability of the paddler.

The Swift has double venturi bullet bailers allowing for an efficient emptying of the cockpit and rudder cables are braided spectra externally for easy adjustment of the pedals and swaged stainless steel internally for optimum strength and reliability.

Carbonology Sport are an approved manufacturer of the Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association Ltd (AOCRA). 2006-03-09 13.34.28

AOCRA approved
Cockpit handle
Fully adjustable computer cut foam seat with rails
Dual Venturi bullet scuppers
Rear deck rigging Canoe & Ama bung and breather
Quick release spring loaded Ama pins
Height adjustable black anodised aluminium iakos- 5 height settings

Boat Dimensions:
Canoe Length: 6.37m
Canoe Width: 39cm
Canoe Depth: 30cm
Ama Length: 2.7m
Ama Width: 16cm

Construction, Weight (canoe only) & Pricing:
Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 14.5kg $3,950
Hybrid Carbon/Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 13.0kg $4,950
Carbon: 10.0kg $5,950
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