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Fenn Blue-Fin S

Fenn Blue-Fin S

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Fenn Blue-Fin S

Beginner / Entry Level Ski Fenn’s most stable entry level surf ski.

The Blue-Fin is designed to get the new paddler out on the water without having to spend a lot of time learning to balance. This ski is super stable, offering great surfing ability and enjoyment for the beginner paddler. The new model Blue-Fin S is now available. The ski now comes with leg leash attachment and an additional handle on the side of the ski near the seat for ease of carrying.

Specifications & Pricing
Length: 5.9m Width: 53cm

Construction Weight Price

Fibreglass 17kg $2,800
Vac Glass – vacuum bagged fibreglass 14kg $3,350
Hybrid – vacuum bagged fibreglass/carbon 12.5kg $3,800
Carbon – vacuum bagged carbon 10kg $4,500
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