Cook Islands Paradise

Cook Islands Paradise

What is paradise?

A great golf course? How about brilliant dining or weather?

It's  a subjective issue I know, but for us paddlers out there, paradise is warm waters and great downwind conditions, along with easy access to both gear and the ocean. 

Local knowedge is priceless in these joints. Surrounded by reefs, currents, and the nearest beach being several thousand kilometres away in South America, it's important to hook up with a local who knows his way around. 

Enter Josh. Surfski Cook Islands...

Josh, I have learnt after only one paddle with him, has his stuff in order.

Originally from the Gold Coast with a strong Clubby background and Cook Islands heritage, he has settled here while studying for his degree in Sports Science and Exercise Physiology.

Surfski Cook Islands was born as a result of a need to provide a service for us desperates fleeing the cold weather in search of some holiday fun.  

Paddle 1-

One of my favourites back at home with my MAKAI mates is in/outs at the harbour.   With the weather doing some pretty crazy stuff in our first days, Josh suggested we do some in & outs from the harbour on the north side of the island  (out the front of Trader Jacks for any of you who have popped over for Vaka Eva in the Outriggers).

I jumped on a Fenn Elite in pristine condition for a nice elevator ride into the wind. Yep, more of that local knowledge as there is a current that runs up just outside the reef.

After an easy 2.5k upwind leg we turned for a very sweet downwind run.

I was instantly launched onto the face of nothing special I thought till I watched my Garmin climb over 25kph.. 

Yes please  I'll take a few more of those puppies 😁

We got a few more runs in before it was time to head home and relax with a few cocktails by the Lagoon.

Today's paddle has Josh taking Deb and I out on a 10k downwind from Muri Lagoon to the harbour on his brand new Fenn XT double that he hasn't unwrapped yet.

Hopefully I'm not the one to scratch it first!





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