Our final adventure

Our final adventure

Our final paddle had me once again amazed at the variability of this place.

We have had fast steep downwind, cruising rolling downwind and oily smooth oceans, but today we are heading west along the north shore and back down the top of the west coast.

Confusing I know but Rarotonga is essentially a giant round rock in the middle of the ocean. Paddling can be tailored to your capabilities or even your enthusiasm on any given day when you let Josh know what your after. More wind or less wind are only a 15min drive in a different direction when you live on an island just over 30km in circumference.

A light shower overnight had freshened the place up and we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise before our early morning paddle.

Leaving the Avarua Harbour that has been our finishing spot on previous paddles, it seemed strange heading in a different direction.

We paddled past the 'stack' of a 100yr old shipwreck just a few hundred metres from shore and continued west.

The calm seas allowed me to check out more of the Island's beauty both on and off the water.

Another local turtle popped up right next to me to say hi, and it was pretty special watching him dive towards the ocean floor hundreds of metres below.

I know many of you have been here and are considered much more of an expert than me regarding Rarotonga, however I hope I've helped you remember some of your own special moments that you have shared while here.

To you others that have yet to visit 'Cook' or some of the many outer islands I hope I have stirred something deep inside that will have you planning a future trip.

I have barely touched on the people of the Islands.

Warm, generous, and always smiling it is a very welcoming place to be. The obligatory head nod on the scooters as you cross paths on the one road that rings the island makes you kind of feel like you belong.

The food.

I love my food and so do the people of Rarotonga. Good generous sizes, and super super healthy and fresh. No doubt you could track down some fried chicken, however the amount of fresh fish, veggies, and fruit I have been consuming has me going home feeling nice and light as opposed to other holidays 🐷

So that's it I suppose.

I hope I've planted a seed that will point you in this direction one day.

If your keen to paddle everyday or just having a holiday but still keen to get out on the water every few days then do yourself a favour and get in contact with Josh at Surfski Cook Islands.


I've spent all day yesterday already planning our next adventure so stay tuned. It's the only way I can survive as I need something to always look forward too. As my daughter always tells me...

'Don't be sad it's over, just be glad it happened'

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