Pacific magic

Pacific magic

When your on to a good thing-stick to it!

The Avana run was such good fun on the double, I organised anther dose of Pacific Magic the next morning. 

The wind has been consistently around 15-20knots all day, every day. 

One major advantage is you don't have to wait for your afternoon downwind like we do at home. A quick bite for breaky and your away and free for afternoon cocktails or a feast of Ika Mata. 

This traditional Cook Islands dish is sensational and they know how to get  it right. It's a raw fish dish marinated in citrus juices and I won't do it any justice by explaining how it goes together. Just trust me. Get onto it as soon as you arrive!

Josh and I headed out again from the Avana Passage. It seemed a little livelier than my previous run out but it was certainly nothing to be concerned about. 

41min later and with an average heart rate of 125bpm we were done and dusted. 

Now I know there are some pretty special stats out there, but for a very leisurely paddle from the Lagoon, out a 1km or so before chasing runs, checking out the scenery, and chatting all the way, then that is a bloody quick 10k. 

We had a Wahu jump along side which was impressive as I thought they were just pool toys, but needless to say spectacular. 

Our next adventure has us running around the 'wilder' south coast which must be something I'll find hard to explain as the entire island scenery is out of this world. 

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