Nordic Kayaks

Nordic Kayaks (NK) is a Swedish company, dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of state-of-the-art surfskis – relying on a combination of CAD and traditional drafting skills, with input from experienced elite paddlers and designers, building and testing prototypes to confirm the theoretical data, and specifying the best materials and cutting edge manufacturing technology.

Nordic Kayaks, was founded in 2006 in Vaxholm on the Swedish east coast, by Fredrik Lindström and Peter Bringby. Disappointed with the multisport kayaks commercially available at the time, they set about designing their own, building on extensive experience with all kinds of kayaks since the mid 90s, from Olympics K1s to multisport kayaks and surfskis. The result was the Rocket – an all out, no holds barred multisport racer that pushed the envelope – and at the same time developing a path to even more efficient hull shapes and even better interaction with the paddler in the future.

To meet this potential and make full use of the knowledge and experience gained with the Rocket and Rocket+, a team of hydrodynamic experts, CAD-engineers, graphic designers and elite paddlers was put together during 2009 to lay out the basic specs for and cooperate in developing a new line of very fast and efficient surfskis.

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