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Epic Kayaks Deluxe Surf Leg Leash

Epic Kayaks Deluxe Surf Leg Leash

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The Deluxe Surf Leg Leash has been developed for those paddlers who do not require a quick-release system and/or prefer a surf leash style leash.

The Deluxe Surf Leg Leash is equipped with a swivel mechanism that allows for full movement inside the ski whilst providing appropriate connection with your craft on the water.

We recommend that you always use a leash! In strong winds, our lightweight boats can blow away from you faster than you can swim. Practice your remounts while wearing your leash(es) so there are no surprises when you are forced to remount.

Please note: these surf leashes have no clip and hence the paddler must rely on the velcro to remove when in use. We recommend paddlers consider this when assessing their safety precautions. Keeping tethered, for example, in breaking waves, can cause significant tension on the leash and hence paddler's leg. Please consider these risks prior to use.

Whilst the leash is a safety precaution, we can't guarantee it will remain connected under extreme tension, or in extreme conditions.
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